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Although retired from Indiana University in late 2012, I remain active professionally. I continue to do research, development, and scholarly writing. I also teach via apps on the Web.

In a Nutshell

I believe that:

... technology cannot evaluate the worth of the content that we embody in the medium. That is our essential role as teachers. We must select the best of culture and share it with the next generation. (Frick, 2020, p. 701)

Research Highlights

Design and Development for the Web

  • Understand Educology: knowledge about education that results from disciplined inquiry (hyperlinked glossary of terms, 2015 - present)

  • Play the Diffusion Simulation Game. Can you get teachers to adopt an innovation? (2003 - present)

  • Learn How to Recognize Plagiarism, and earn a certificate (2002 - present)

Why this Website?

I built this website to show connections among what I teach, research I do, and service I perform. If other faculty do likewise, students can benefit by seeing those connections. This can help you:

  • choose specific faculty you want to be your teachers,
  • understand what those faculty have learned through their own research,
  • select courses to help you achieve your learning goals, and
  • identify careers you can pursue after completing a degree program at Indiana University.

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