How to Contact Me

The best way: Send me e-mail. This method does not reveal my e-mail address and creates a subject prefix that I will notice in my inbox.

Be sure to include a subject in English that clearly describes your message.

Phone: No IU office phone anymore. I rarely answer personal phones due to so many robocalls and spoofing, unless I know you and clearly recognize you. Send me e-mail.

Office hours: What office hours? I'm retired! IST is a place to start. Talk with Vicky Lewis, the Administrative Assistant.

Past: I did most of my growing up in Nappanee, Indiana, USA, where I went to elementary and secondary school. I attended Indiana University in Bloomington, worked later as a Research Associate, and eventually joined the faculty in Instructional Systems Technology in the School of Education in 1983, where I was a professor for 29 years. My vita outlines my professional life.