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Dean's Medallion: for outstanding service to the School of Education -- 2003


2010-2012 Chairman: Department of Instructional Systems Technology
2009 Interim Chair: Department of Instructional Systems Technology
2008-2012 Chair: Qualifying Exam Committee
2006-2010 Master's and Distance Education Committee
2005-2007 Admissions Committee
2002-2005 Chair: Student Awards Committee
1996-2002 Admissions Committee (chair 2001-2002)
1995-1996 Search and Screen Committee for IST Faculty Position
1994-2006 Website coordinator, IST Department
1994-1997 Core Curriculum Planning Team
1993-1996 Chair: Computer Competency Assessment for IST students
1993-1999 Mentor for junior faculty member in the department
1990-1992 Chair: Qualifying Exam Committee
1988-1992 Qualifying Exam Committee
1987-1991 Curriculum Planning Committee: made major curriculum changes in masters and doctoral programs
1987-1988 Doctoral Student Admissions Committee
1985-1986 Scholarship and Awards Committee
1984-1991 Master's Student Admissions Committee
1983-1984 Chair: Computer Curriculum Planning Committee


2005-2010 Graduate Studies Committee
2003-2008 Committee on Teaching
2003 Promotion, Tenure and Contracts Committee
2001-2002 Led the design and production of the CD-ROM and website containing the Institutional Report by the School of Education and supportive documentation--for the site visit conducted by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) and the Indiana Professional Standards Board (IPSB). Awarded Dean's Medallion for Outstanding Service for this in 2003.
2002 Faculty Professional Development: Conducted 6 workshops for education faculty on use of Oncourse and Dreamweaver
2000-2004 Distance Learning Cabinet
1998-1999 Professional Development: Designed and conducted 29 professional development workshops for education faculty and associate instructors on use of the Web in teaching and research
1998-2005 Web Director: designed, developed and managed the website for the School of Education (administrative position)
1997-2000 Research, Development and Equipment Committee
1996-1997 Task Force on Distance Education Master's Degree
1995-1997 Chair: Long-Range Planning Committee
1994-1998 Volunteer webmaster, School of Education website
1993-1994 Search and Screen Committee for faculty members in performance assessment
1990-1991 Dean's Advisory Committee for planning for the new Wright Education Building
1990-1991 Curriculum and Teaching Committee
1990-1991 Graduate Program Committee
1988-1990 Chair: Graduate Program Committee
1988-1990: Co-chair: Curriculum and Teaching Committee.
1988-1989 Research, Development and Equipment Committee
1986-1988 Graduate Program Committee
1986-1988 Equipment Committee
1986 Search and Screen Committee, special education
1985-1988 Education Policy Council
1984-1989 Planning Committee: for technology use in new Wright Education Building
1984 Search and Screen Committee, instructional computing
1983-1985 Instructional Computing Committee, Office of Instructional Computing


2007-2009 IU Bloomington Campus Web Oversight Committee
2002-2004 Teaching and Learning Systems Steering Committee (University Information Technology Services)
1999-2000 Indiana University Bloomington Web Site Consultant
1996 Vice President's Committee on Electronic Communications and Marketing for IU
1995 Design-research for the information architecture of the Indiana University Bloomington website
1994-1996 Consultant to University Computing Services: student computer competency assessment
1993-1994 Service learning projects by students in my classes--Computer-mediated learning projects for the following IU clients: Alice Lindeman (Dietetics and Nutrition), School of Optometry (Clinical Licensing Exam Simulation), Dan Maki (Venn Diagrams lessons, etc. for M118 students)
1987-1991 Instructional Computing Task Force: established goals for instructional computing at IU and demonstrated instructional use of computers at IU to faculty
1984-1985 Taught special courses to IU faculty on use of computers in teaching and learning (project funded by IU)


2007 Photographer and design of slideshow for WISE Program: Working Out to Improve Strength & Endurance for Cancer Patients
2002 Led redesign of website for the City of Bloomington government
1999 Led design of website for the Monroe County Habitat for Humanity
1995 (Oct.) Invited Speaker, Herald Times 21st-Century Planning Committee
1982-1983 Inservice teacher training workshops in local and nearby school districts
1980-1984 Member, Board of Directors: Bloomington Montessori Association -- directed long-range planning, culminating in the new school building on South Highland Avenue


1991-1998 Indiana Business Modernization and Technology Corporation, Software Technology Committee
1990-1991 Proposal Reviewer: Indiana State Department of Education, Schools for the 21st Century
1989-1990 Vice-Chairman: Artificial Intelligence Committee and member of the AI Steering Committee, Corporation for Science and Technology
1985-1991 Artificial Intelligence Committee, Corporation for Science and Technology
1984 Designer and Instructor: Logo Institute for teachers from Indiana school districts


2008-2009 Executive Committee, Board of Directors: Association for Educational Communications and Technology
2008-present Reviewer: Educational Technology Research & Development
2007-present E-learning product, Diffusion Simulation Game, available online for general public
2007-2008 Director of Design and Development: FutureMinds website, an initiative of the Association for Educational Communications and Technology
2006-2009 Board of Directors: Association for Educational Communications and Technology
2002-present E-learning product, How to Recognize Plagiarism, available online for general public
2002-2003 President: Systemic Change Division, Association for Educational Communications and Technology
2001-present E-learning product, What Is Plagiarism at Indiana University?, available online for general public
1999-2001 Project Director: Needs Assessment of AECT Members, Association for Educational Communications and Technology
1998-1999 Secretary, Systemic Change Division: Association for Educational Communications and Technology
1993-1995 Consultant: National Study of School Evaluation, in developing criteria for evaluating use of information technology in K-12 Schools
1990-1991 Manuscript reviewer: American Educational Research Journal
1990-1991 Manuscript reviewer: Behavior Research Methods, Instruments, & Computers
1986 Grant Proposal Reviewer: United States Department of Education, Office of Special Education
1985-1986 Manuscript reviewer: Journal of Special Education Technology
1984-2011 Manuscript reviewer: Journal of Educational Computing Research

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