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  • Excellence in Mentoring: in recognition of exemplary contribution to the success of graduate students -- School of Education, 2012
  • Trustees' Teaching Award -- Indiana University, 2010


R531: Using Computers in Education -- Spring 1984 (as W531) - 1990; 1991 - 1993.

R536: Computer-Assisted Instruction -- Fall 1983 (two sections); 1991 - 1994.

R547: Computer-Mediated Learning -- Summers, 1994 - 2000; Fall semesters, 1994 - 1995; 2000 - 2008 (including the online version taught at a distance).

R561: Evaluation and Change in the ID Process -- Core course, Spring semesters, 1995 - 1997.

R562: Practicum in CAI -- Spring and Fall semesters, 1984 - 1990, 1991,

R641: Instructional Design & Development Process II -- 1999 - 2007.

R680: Topical Seminar -- Advanced CAI Techniques, Spring semesters only, 1986 - 1989

R690: Research Methods in Instructional Systems Technology -- also listed as R595; Spring 1993, Fall semesters 1993 - 2012.

R695:Topical Seminar -- Research on Web Design, Doctoral seminar, Fall 1997.

R695: Topical Seminar -- Linking K-12 Schools on the Web, Doctoral seminar, Fall 1996.

R695: Topical Seminar -- Understanding Systemic Change in Education, Doctoral Seminar, Spring 1995.

R695: Doctoral Research Seminar -- 2006 - 2012.


Dissertations: Directed

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Wang, Albert, The effects of omitting intermediate instruction in a learning hierarchy, being notified of such, and prior learning achievement on acquisition of superordinate skills, 1991.

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Sze, Ding-Kuo David, The effects of different mastery levels used in adaptive computer-guided practice on student learning achievement and attitude, 1988.

Dissertations: Research Committee Member

Instructional Systems Technology: Pratima Dutta (2013), Craig Howard (2012), Douglas Doblar (2010), Herbert Fiester (2010), Dominque Galloway (2009), Ji-Eun Lee (2007), Bruce Peterson (2007), Yun-Jo An (2006), Yun Jeong Park (2005), Jeong-So Hyo (2006), Gi-Zen Liu (2003), Marian Sweeny-Dillon (2003), John Monson (2003), Kursat Cagiltay (2002), Randy Siebold (2000), Julie Hutchins (1999), Jessie Lennertz (1999), Laurie Nelson (1998), Kathy Ross (1997), Ken Luterbach (1997), Lottie Naugle (1996), Badrul Khan (1994), Siat-Moy Chong (1995), Susanna Tsai (1995), YoungHwan Kim (1994), Cheol-il Lim (1994), ChiSyan Lin (1994), Ali Carr (1994), Thomas Welsh (1994), Susan Hathaway (1992), Carol Langdon (1991), Kenneth Gustin (1991), Suella Walter (1989), Nay-Ching Tyan (1989), Ilju Rha (1988), Thomas Seamster (1986), Merton Thompson (1985), Sara Huyvaert (1985)

Special Education: Sara Hindman (1986), Christine Bahr (1988)

Language Education: Patricia Heine (1990), Jacqueline Comas (1987)

Science Education: Gulsen Bagcli Kilic (1999)

Business: Sidney Davis (1989)

Applied Linguistics: Kathleen Mahnke (1988)

Library Science: Lanju Yoon (1992), Hak Joon Kim (1999)

Health, Physical Education and Recreation: Jeff Hill (1993)

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